Club Cruise

Monthly Club Cruise News
Dear JBSC member. Here is a message on behalf of Danny DeHoog who is organising our monthly club cruise.

Proposed outline for this Saturday's club cruise:

8:00 briefing and launch boats
9.00 set off

Proposed destination: Pig Trough Bay on Garden Island. GPS: S32-09'-37.0" / E115-40'-10.2"

Weather permitting we could sail there going around the back of Carnac Island or go there direct.
Stop for lunch at Pig Trough Bay. There are BBQ s there if people wish to cook something.
At a suitable time sail back to the club.

Please have on board the required safety equipment including life jackets, an EPIRB, appropriate flares and radio.

The weather forecast looks good for Saturday.

Hope to see you then.
kind regards, John Sawin Secretary 0416 375 733
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